To Buy, Sell And Grow Business – There Is Always Finance Involved

You’ve to find the right source of finance, the  finance which can be The Power that Changes Everything! 

What JLM Finance Acquisition does, is to reach one of our alternatives, to  get the Finance for Your Business:

We Negotiate to get the 

  1. Seller to allow you to make payments over the time. It’s a Price plus interest system  to purchase the business when you want to buy a Business.
  2.  Angel Investor or Venture Capital. With the Right Business Plan this is another prefect way to get Finance.  In this model you would be participating with someone else to purchase Business.
  3. Business Loans model.

Alternatively, You could take out a term loan to purchase Business. The Good News here is that the Lenders often are more open for Purchasing existing Businesses.

Let Us create Pathways to Opportunity for Your Business. We have solutions and the Reliability You Can Count on. 

We are sure we will send you Home inspired and satisfied.

Your Ask. Our Pleasure!