Who We are?

Nice You want to know! 

JLM is specialised in Finance, Fund, Growing, Buying and Selling Companies.

I Jaap Meelker, am  a father of four, a successful husband and run the JLM Finance Acquisition family Business with my wife Lianna Meelker. Together WE make a good Team and run the Successful Business to Inspire You.

What Experience do I have? 

Being Senior in Private Banking, Investment Manager in Investment Company, A member of Board of Directors in Financial Sector, Director of … I have enough experience to provide you the Result what You need Exactly.

Lianna’s Part?

Lianna is the Commercial Director and her side in this business is the Commerce, Copy Writing and Research. With years of experience in communication, running own business, ability of negotiations and communicating in 5 languages, Lianna makes huge  impact on each case JLM runs.

We believe JLM is a journey and destination and we make your journey to the right destination. 


Your opinion matters!